Top 3 Ways to Get Discount Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are expensive – even with health care. The co-pays can often cost hundreds of dollars a month, more than most spend on utilities or groceries. There are places to turn to that offer assistance with prescription drug costs – you just need to know where to look. Here are the Top 3 programs for discounted prescription drugs:

1) State Pharmacy Assistance Programs

Most states have programs that help qualifying individuals with their prescription drug costs – especially those on Medicare. If you show your Medicare card when you are picking up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, you get an additional discount off the purchase price. Not every pharmacy chooses to participate, but you can contact the HICAP at 1.800.434.0222 to find out which ones are.

In addition, each state has a variety of smaller, individual programs to help with your health care expenses. One good resource is the National Council on Aging’s Web site, ( which has a variety of surveys you can take to see which comprehensive or prescription drug assistance program. As the name probably indicates, most of the programs listed on the site are for those individuals 65 and older, but there is also some focus on younger children and those with disabilities.

2) Patient Assistance Programs

Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) are programs that drug companies like AstraZeneca or Pfizer set up to help certain individuals get access to free or low-cost drugs. PAPs have a variety of names: charitable drug programs, medication assistance, or indigent drug policies. These programs are not government instigated, but stem from a voluntary creation on behalf of the companies. Luckily, some of the most popular and well-known drugs are available with these programs. Each major pharmaceutical company has a PAP, though each may have different eligibility and application requirements to join.

Patient Assistance Programs begin when an individual needs a particular drug. He or she can go to the drug company directly and ask for a PAP application, or they can look through an online database (many are available on websites such as Some companies require the physician or the hospital staff to get the form by calling the directly. This is so the patient can know sooner if he or she will be eligible for the program, since the drug company will screen for eligibility before sending out the application.

Once an individual has filled out a drug PAP application and submitted it, the drug company will decide if the patient can get the medication for free. If approved, the medication will be sent to the individual’s house.

3) Veterans’ Assistance

For those who have served in the armed forces, veterans assistance will often take over a significant chunk of your prescription drug coverage. By filling your prescription at a VA medical facility, you can get significant discounts. In order to get such assistance, you need to have served on active duty and have an honorable or general discharge. For more information, contact the VA Health Benefits Service.

Avoiding Collateral Damage: Prescription Drug Addiction and Antidepressants

In spite of an FDA Public Health Advisory in 2004 warning about the serious risks associated with all antidepressants, the number of Americans taking the drugs has climbed to 17 million, and prescription drug addiction and abuse continues to accelerate.

The FDA’s ruling that warnings of suicide to include came after a public hearing, where family members and victims testified about suicide and violent acts committed by people taking these medications.

Among the 32 antidepressants named were Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Luvox, Paxil, Lexapro, Effexor, Elavil, Serzone, Remeron and Wellbutrin — all equally capable of leading to suicide and mania, especially among younger patients.

The use of prescription drugs has become so accepted that many Americans don’t think twice about popping pills for almost any complaint. In fact, we have even read about mothers feeding antidepressants to children to stop bed-wetting.

Because getting drugs from the doctor are such a routine part of American life, prescription drug addiction has overtaken illicit street drug addiction in many regions. What many people don’t realize is that antidepressant drugs are just as dangerous, in their way, as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and the other common addictive street drugs.

The general complaints about antidepressants, from many experts including physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and research scientists as well as thousands of former users, are these:

Antidepressants are linked to mania and violent acts against others
Antidepressants can lead to suicide, especially among young people
Antidepressants can lead to dependence, and are difficult to get off of
Antidepressants can cause dozens of side effects, some even permanent
Double-blind research shows that a placebo (sugar pill) often works just as well.

Many other side effects cited as reasons to avoid antidepressants are:

Akathisia (severe restlessness),
Decreased libido,
Dry mouth,
Excessive urination,
Hypomania (pervasive elevated or irritable mood),
Low blood pressure,
Mania (extremely elevated mood, unusual thought patterns and psychosis),
Muscle pain,
Panic attacks,
Suicidal thoughts,
Weight gain,
Weight loss.

Sexual side effects can include loss of libido in both men and women, and interference with normal sexual functioning. These can persist for months or even years after stopping the drugs. These have led some sufferers to self-treat with other drugs, resulting in even worse problems, including prescription drug addiction.

Antidepressants are linked to numerous types of mania:

Pyromania: A compulsion to start fires

Kleptomania: A compulsion to steal, shoplift, embezzle, or commit

Dipsomania: An uncontrollable urge to drink alcohol

Nymphomania and erotomania: Sexual compulsions and pathologic preoccupation with sexual fantasies or activities — the manic opposite of the usual loss of libido or disinterest.

Serotonin syndrome, also called serotonin toxicity or serotonin toxidrome, is a potentially life-threatening adverse drug reaction that can occur after taking some antidepressants. Other deadly reactions have also occurred when antidepressants are mixed with other prescription and over-the-counter medications, and a long list of common food types as well.

Drug interactions have proven particularly dangerous for people with a prescription drug addiction who take an antidepressant to try to “come down”. Spikes in blood pressure, liver inflammation, heart attacks, strokes and seizures have all been recorded.
Many drug abuse experts have serious concerns that America’s love affair with psychoactive drugs, including antidepressants, is what has been leading the way to the current prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Louis Vuitton Outlet The New Medicare Prescription Drug Strategy Pitfalls

Coverage to the New Medicare Prescription Drug Program starts on January one, 2006. Several seniors are sensation baffled and involved about this strategy. Listed below are some from the pitfalls related to this strategy that Medicare eligible men and women will need to be aware of.

one. To join the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Element D) you have to pick a person Prescription Drug Plan from dozens of plans that happen to be readily available (there are as much as 50 strategies in some states). After you have chosen a plan you’re “locked-in” until the enrollment time period the following twelve months.

two. Prescription Drug Strategy (PDP) services can adjust the particulars of their programs at any time with a quick warning interval for program enrollees. These changes can involve modifications to which drugs are covered underneath the prepare, which pharmacies are from the programs community, the costs associated with staying a part of your approach and every other detail from the program. These alterations are for the discretion from the plan administrator and is often implemented at any time.

three. For 2006, once you have applied $2250 worth of medications, you will be hundred% accountable for paying for your total amount of your drug until eventually you achieve the $5100 Catastrophic protection limit. This vary between $2250 and $5100 where you have to shell out for hundred% of the drug expenditures is called the “donut hole”.

4. At its greatest level of personal savings Medicare offers a 49% financial savings. This really is only 7% far better than the typical benefits seasoned which has a licensed Canadian pharmacy. This greatest financial savings happens when people devote precisely $2250 on medication in a single year (when you devote additional or significantly less than that the benefits go decrease). That means that the greatest financial savings anybody on Medicare can knowledge above a Canadian pharmacy’s regular benefits is $157.50 annually (7% of $2250) or $13.thirteen a 30 days. Is $thirteen a month value the risk of getting “locked-in” to paying regular monthly premiums for a program that may be switched on you at any time. (Word: Many people can help save a lot more than 49% if they commit effectively more than $7100 for each year. This can be in the catastrophic protection array).

5. In the event you don’t sign up with at Medicare Prescription Drug Program prior to May well 15th, 2006 you then will be penalized having a cumulative one% improve on your premiums for each 30 days which you usually do not enroll within a strategy after that date. This penalty could be the governments method of forcing men and women, who don’t truly require a drug prepare, into joining a plan and as a result “subsidizing” the Medicare program. 1% of your typical prepare is 32 cents. So for every calendar month right after March 15th, 2006 that people today will not be in a very strategy, 32 cents might be extra on your month-to-month quality or basically $1 for every three or more weeks you will not be part of. This penalty is on the other hand utilized for your top quality for all long run regular monthly premiums. What a lot of seniors teams are advocating is for men and women to wait around until the May possibly 15th, 2006 deadline after which it be part of the most affordable doable program (approx. $ten month-to-month top quality) and even now purchase medicines from a licensed Canadian pharmacy like Universal Drugstore.

half-dozen. Common monthly premiums, the annual deductible and also the Out-Of-Pocket expenditure limits are expected to enhance substantially each twelve months. This signifies you will likely be needed to commit extra and more cash every calendar year that that you are aspect from the Medicare prescription prepare.

7. Except you will be spending more than $800 on medicines in 2006 there exists no actual cost savings with all the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. This expected minimal quantity of expenditure to knowledge personal savings will boost just about every calendar year as the yearly deductible, the regular monthly premiums and also the Out-Of-Pocket expenditure limits are also improved every yr.

8. It will probably be extremely time consuming and tricky to decipher myriad ideas offered in every think (all providing distinct insurance plan) and also to try out and determine which approach is best for you personally. This might be twice as hard for the few because the prescription drug treatments utilized by every single individual inside the couple will likely be diverse and as a result they could demand diverse programs. Even when a strategy is chosen, there may be still the danger of possessing the prepare changed when you may have created your determination and you happen to be “locked-in”.

9. Drug corporations stand to make a ton of money away of the Medicare system. That is certainly why they invested hundreds of thousands of bucks lobbying to obtain the legislation passed to make Medicare Aspect D a actuality. It’s also why Senator Bill Tauzin, a important advocate and motivating drive behind obtaining the Medicare Prescription Drug Approach passed, is now a $two million a calendar year executive in Large Pharma’s business business. On Sept. five, 2003, Sen. John R. McCain (R-Ariz.) instructed The new York Occasions, “There’s no doubt in my brain which the drug trade acquired almost everything it desired and much more,” he claimed. “It perhaps really should be known as the ‘Keep-No-Lobbyist-Behind Invoice.